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How to install aluminium curtain rod by four steps?

2017-06-05 20:23:23 SINCERE INDUSTRIAL Read

1) Drawing lines: considering the curtain rod brackets as a standard crossing, draw the position of aluminium curtain rod brackets and the hole for other position. Generally speaking, For aluminium curtain rod, if the length is more than 2.5 meters, we will need 3 pices of curtain rod brackets, the middle curtain rod brackets is located in the middle of window, both ends of the curtain rod brackets should be be equal to the edge of the window,at least 5-10cm, the distance from aluminium curtain rod to the top of the window is 15-20cm. (The location of curtain rod brackets will be different according to different window size and wall size, please pay attention to that)

bendable curtain track|curtain rod sale|curtain spring wire|curtain hanger hook|small screw hook


2) Punching: Punching depth of 3.55-5cm,punching can not run skew.Note: Be far away from the wire,water pipes.After the punch is finished, press the plastic anchor into the hole.


3) Installation of aluminium curtain rod: fasten the curtain rod bracket with a strong self-tapping nail, hanging curtain ring into the rod, the rings should be divided into two equal parts, each end should stay a ring. Put the aluminium curtain rod into the openning curtain rod brackets, then adjust the rod and the wall to be horizontal.


4)Hanging curtains: put the curtain hooks onto the curtains,then the other end of the curtain hooks into the hole of curtain rings, check whether the sliding flexibility, whether the two curtains are horizontal.Otherwise,adjust slightly again.


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